Galaxy Popping Tea & Fizzy Pop

Tempo have launched some awesome new drinks which are nothing like anything we offer on our menu.

First up is our explosive Galaxy Popping Tea which we launched for Halloween and Bonfire Night fun! 

Fancy having your own personal galaxy in a cup? Why not POP in to try this new creation. It's a mix of strawberry, orange and apple. All the classic sweetie flavours, it even tastes like fruit pastilles.  To top it off, we add popping candy into your drink so as well as it sounding like fireworks; you get that explosive sensation come up your straw too!

This will be available right up until the New Year so you have plenty time to try it! It's been a hit so far so it may be a keeper! 

Next up is our Grape & Melon Soda Pop 

Tempo decided to create our own versions of the popular Japanese soda's and we've gotta say, they're pretty damn tasty! Just make sure you don't shake it too much as it will quite literally POP! See the video below:

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