Bigger fruit tea kits now available 🍓🍈

🍈🍓 Serves 9 Fruit Tea Kit 🍓🍈


We hope you had an amazing weekend and made the most of the lovely sunshine ☀️ 

 We are delighted to add a serves 9 option for our Fruit Tea Kit 🍈 🍓 Our Syrup for our fruit teas contains Green Tea Extract, added vitamins & is reduced sugar PLUS it's super refreshing 🥳

A few of you were asking for a bigger serving for our fruit tea kit and tadaaa - introducing a serves 9 option to the range 😍 

The syrup is versatile and can be made into a milk tea also! Sweet and refreshing drink that is great with any of our juice ball flavours, try yours here!🤗

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