At Tempo we believe in growth, creativity, contribution and community. We strive for excellent standards but we’re not trying to be “perfect”. We stay open-minded and recognise the room for improvement and value collaboration. Our vision is to create an honest and safe space for our customers and local partners to come to.  We aim to use our business to inspire and implement solutions so we can contribute positively to people’s lives, our cities and our planet. 

We always try to think differently from others in the products and services we offer, and the way we work. We seek inspiration from the best in our industry and others. To break the mould of just being a Boba Tea store where East meets West - Adapting the eastern product to meet the western needs.

We ensure that whatever we do, we do it to an excellent standard; whether our customer service, organising an event or creating a new product, we ensure we take every effort to make the best it can be. We seek to excel in our own work and encourage others to do so too, and we assume there is always more to know, and a higher standard to achieve.

We seek to continue to improve ourselves and our customers. We must mentor and find mentorship, we must delegate and empower or staff, and we must always strive for continuous improvement. 

We work together to build a sense of community, collaboration, co-creation, and discussion in our workplaces for our customers, our staff, and our collaborators. We champion each other and our work, we value everyone’s contribution, and we respect everyone’s ideas. We seek to give back to our community and support impactful ideas and movements we believe in.

We support not just our staff but also our customers. By being a small business we rely a lot on our staff and therefore need to ensure that their well being is at a good level which is why we encourage them to meditate and join the gym by offering them a free gym membership. We educate our customers on the products which can support them with their needs e.g. anxiety, stress or insomnia. To promote this value we will not only contribute to our staff but also on a larger scale by contributing to supporting charities. By contributing to others it gives us a more meaningful life and allows us to feel more fulfilled.

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