Jasmine Armour



Jasmine Armour is a freelance artist based in Scotland.  Working with multimedia, Jasmine creates visual narratives, exploring the breadth of the human imagination and the fantastical side of the everyday.  After completing a BA Hons in 3.D Design at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, Jasmine has been involved in re-branding and promotional projects with groups across Scotland.


You can find more of Jasmine’s work by clicking here.



Ash Santos



Ash was born in Vigo, the most thrilling city of Galicia, Spain, in 1986. As a kid, he was fascinated by the figure of Dalí, who deeply influenced his production and conception of Art. Immersed in both the seaside and downtown lifestyles, Ash got into the local graffiti scene, putting on the bases of his surrealist and creepy iconography.


As an artist, Ash works in several fields such as illustration, painting, performance, sound and video, producing stunning pieces like the “guitar paintings”, a performance in which he paints by using overloaded guitars sounds through amplifiers that create art on different mediums, or Die Fritzels, a band born as a lifelong Art project.


Anyway, he’s not a musician but an Art teacher, and he loves to paint dinosaurs, monsters and sharks while he listens to Iron Maiden.


You can find more of Ash’s work by clicking here.



Yassine Mourit



Yassine studied graphics in Art and Design which gave him a better insight into what path he wanted to follow in the future. He has always been interested in creating graphic designs using computer software, but he always kept the contact with paper and pen.


In his work he draws inspiration from his past and present life experiences.


He finds that this is a good way to express himself and his ideas. Yassine often draws inspiration from the daily events around himself, faces he sees during the day, interesting details of the space around him.


You can find more of Yassine’s work by clicking here



Kyle Shields


Kyle Shields is an artist and illustrator currently working as a tattoo apprentice at Beneath the Surface in Cumbernauld. His art style is mostly neotraditional, but he is influenced heavily by graphic novel/comic book art, fantasy/sci-fi art, nature and occult history.


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Weirdfolk aka Rebecca Glen



Weirdfolk (aka Rebecca Glen) produces figurative mixed-media artworks, primarily in black and white using a combination of experimental drawing, printmaking and painting techniques.


The combination of the wild abandon of the initial, more expressive, layer and the careful, meticulously added details is a process that she finds very satisfying. She believes that it fulfills her various impulses as an artist to create in this way. The tension between freedom and control, instinct and deliberateness, and imperfections and corrections are all contained in a single artwork.


In terms of subject matter, she is drawn to found images which stir something in her emotionally, and tries to be instinctive in this. More recently, the artist has focused on animal studies, embracing her interest in the natural world, and aiming to capture the spirit of awe-inspiring creatures.


Rebecca is based at the Barras Art & Design centre (BAaD Glasgow). For details of current exhibitions and events, please see her Facebook page. She organises and exhibits at the Art On Scotland art markets in Royal Exchange Square.


You can find more of Rebecca’s work by clicking here.