At Tempo Tea Bar we want to bring a fresh, friendly and enjoyable experience to your time and taste buds. Like great music there are so many genres, so many gigs and thrills to choose from. Tempo Tea gives that same feeling of fun and surprise: each one is a unique experience. Our doors are open to new things, come join the tea revolution.



Bubble tea began life in Taiwan in the 1980’s, before spreading around the countries of East Asia and it wasn’t long before people began taking their favourite snack drink to Australia, the USA and Canada. Now it’s time for Britain!

Many people think the little balls at the bottom, often called boba, are the origin of the name ‘bubble tea’, but in fact it comes from the frothy little bubbles which are made when we shake the drink to mix it all up to perfection. In traditional bubble tea the boba were made of chewy tapioca, but today aloe vera jelly pieces and bursting juice-filled popping boba are just so tasty we had to include them!

The great thing about bubble tea is that there are so many ways to make it. Each drink is made with a base of healthy green or black tea, mixed up with natural fruit flavourings (nothing artificial in our teas!) with a dash of whichever toppings tickle your fancy, then all sucked up through an extra fat straw.


Tea, both green and black, is considered a ‘superfood’ because it contains lots of natural antioxidants. We like to call Green tea a ‘super-duper food’ because it has sooo many health benefits. Here are a huge number of reasons why everyone should be making green tea their number one drink!


helps burn fat

helps fight against kidney disease

protects against heart disease

can lower the risk of cancer

can help lower blood pressure

can help prevent arthritis

can help protect against diabetes

improves your immunity

increases exercise endurance

can help build strong bones

can prevent bad breath

can help fight allergies

So many reasons for everyone to come and get some!


Green and black tea come from the leaves of a plant called Camellia sinensis, and go through a bunch of different processes to create their unique flavours. These processes determine how much caffeine can be found in each type of tea with Black tea having the most caffeine and Green tea having the least. On average a cup of Black tea has roughly half the caffeine content of a cup of coffee!